Key Projects

                          In 2013, our university has obtained 11 national fund projects (10 natural science fund projects and 1 art project of social science fund) with funds of 5.03 million yuan. In the national natural science foundation Items, there are 5 surface projects, 4 projects supported by the National Science Foundation for Young Scientists and 1 special fund project, with project funding percentage reaching 30.3% and covering 5 disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, Life Science, engineering and materials science and information science. In recent years, our university teachers have chaired 776 state or provincial and ministerial projects such as national key science and technology projects, national natural science fund projects, national social science fund projects, national agricultural scientific and technological achievement transformation fund projects, projects of Ministry of Education and the winning projects through national public bidding by State Foreign Expert Bureau; published over 3000 high-level academic papers and more than 100 Monographs or teaching materials.


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